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Green Hills Girls Softball League


GHGSL By-laws, Philosophy and Code of Conduct 

Welcome to the Green Hills Girls Softball League.  We as the Board of Directors wish to articulate our by-laws, philosophy, and code of conduct for all participants in the league.  The league is non-discriminatory and open to all female players in K through 7th grade.  Coaches are approved by the Board and coach at the invitation of the league commissioner.

There are certain priorities that we value as foundational to the experience we want each player, coach, and family member to have during the season.  Our primary goal is the positive development of a group of outstanding young ladies.  We believe that softball is a valuable and unique tool to be used to build confidence, character, teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, and self-esteem.  The girls come first; we are here primarily to serve them.  Coaching styles are expected to be positive, encouraging, and confidence-building.

Our secondary goal is to provide positive, extremely fun recreation.  Softball is a great game and fun is a worthwhile goal in itself.  The girls need to be encouraged to make this goal an essential one.  The lives of these young ladies are busy and increasingly academically challenging in school.  Given the daily pressures of being a modern young person, softball needs to be a source of relaxation and positive release of energy.  The exercise is both healthy and therapeutic.  We intend for both practices and games to be a stress reliever, not a stress inducer.

A final goal is to develop increasing skill and excellence in softball.  While softball is a tool, it is a game we are here to play.  We encourage diligence, discipline, promptness, and the best effort each girl can give.  We desire to provide training and coaching that will enhance each player’s skill, aptitude, and coordination in the game.  We also want each player to increase in her overall understanding and appreciation of softball.

Players, coaches, and families are expected to encourage both teammates and players on the opposing teams.  Negative, demeaning, taunting comments or behavior are off limits.  We mandate respect for all players and adults, including coaches, umpires, parents, and league officials.

All calls by the umpire are final.  If a call is to be discussed, it is to be done by the coach in accord with established softball rules and in a discreet manner.  Unresolved issues may be directed to league officials later, but umpires have the final call on the field.

All Metro Parks rules and GHGSL code of conduct will be followed by all.  Obscenities, abusive behavior, heckling, argumentation, and alcoholic beverages are prohibited during league functions.  Anyone witnessing such behaviors should report to the umpire, league commissioner, or a board member immediately.  Violation may result in individual ejection from the game or park and/or team forfeiture of the game.  Extreme misconduct will result in prohibition of attendance of any league activity for the remainder of the season and will be determined by the GHGSL Board.

A special note to coaches:  You are the most important leadership link in the system.  You set the example.  Remember the big picture.  Each one of these girls is more important than the total of all softball games that will ever be played.  While winning is nice, it is not the primary goal. Remember the priorities in order of importance:  1) developing young ladies toward becoming all they can be, 2) providing fun and recreation, and 3) striving for excellence in softball.  If all coaches and teams meet the first two goals every practice and every game, then everyone wins.  If a team wins the game but doesn’t meet those two goals, then all have lost.  You will inevitably have an impact on these girls.  Strive to be a coach these girls talk about when they are adults as one of the most positive, encouraging, key influences in their lives.  Thank you for your time, devotion, and heart.

Board of Directors
David Shoemaker
Kris Lott
Brent Watkins

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