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All teams implementing these guidelines will enable the game to be played more quickly and safely and be more enjoyable for everyone.

1.       Games should begin on time.  This is especially true with the early game.  Coaches should have their team warmed up and be ready to start the game at the designated start time.  This means the home team having the catchers gear on the catcher and ready to go.  All teams should anticipate having the catcher “dressed” and ready to go at the beginning of each inning.  It is understandable that this is difficult at times when the catcher is running bases.

2.       The home team, listed last on the schedule, is in the third base dugout and is responsible for the official scorekeeping, providing the game ball, and reporting game results to the league president.

3.       It is permissible for an on-deck batter to be outside the dugout to warm up.  However, the on-deck batter must have a helmet and position themselves “behind” the batter at the plate.  In other words, for a right handed batter, the on-deck batter should be on the 3rd base side.

4.       No players in the dugout should stand in the doorway of the dugout where a line drive foul ball could hit them.   Please get your players accustomed to this rule.  Umpires have been instructed to stop the game, if necessary, until the players have moved behind the dugout fence. 

5.       When warming up for a game, please be alert to where your players are.  Make sure they are not encroaching on the field of play or throwing where an overthrow could hit a passerby.

6.       At the end of a game, if there is a game following, teams should exit the dugout quickly to make room for the next team to move in.  There is only a 10 minute gap between the end of one game and the beginning of the next.

7.       If there are any non GHGSL teams playing anywhere in the park that is creating any difficulty with games or practices, please let me know.

8.       This probably does not need to be stated, but everyone, players and parents, should take responsibility to put trash in the trash cans.  Each group needs to clean up after themselves and leave the dugout and stands clean when they leave. I know most of you do this already.

Refund Information: 
100% - If player withdraws prior to the team being organized.
50% - If player withdrawals after the teams are organized.
0% - IF player withdrawals after the uniforms are ordered. 


Specific League Rules will be posted after Coaches Meeting.
Coach Pitch Rules
Minors League Rules
Major League Rules

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