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Significant/Special Rules - Coach Pitch Division -


1)         Scores and League standings will be kept but no tournament or playoff games will be played.


2)                  Two defensive coaches are permitted on the field for instructional purposes.


3)                  Base paths will be 50 feet in length.  The pitching plate will be located at 32½ feet.  However, coaches may pitch from closer distances.


4)                  Managers and/or coaches may be used as umpires in the event the regulation umpire is not present.  An equal number from each team shall be used.


5)                  All players on the roster and in attendance will bat in consecutive order.  With the coach pitching, each batter shall be allowed three (3) swings to hit a fair ball.  On the third swing, if the ball is considered foul, another swing is allowed.  No bunting is allowed.  After three swings, the batter is permitted to swing until the ball is hit off of the tee.


6)                  A batted ball must travel a minimum of ten (10) feet from home plate to be considered fair.


7)                  Base runners must stay on base until the ball is hit.  The player fielding the position of pitcher must stand within four (4) feet — in any direction — of the pitching plate or rubber while the coach is pitching.


8)                  All hits that stay in the infield are limited to a single (Runners will not advance on overthrows to first base.)


9)                  Runners may advance one base on overthrows to any other base and home plate.  (This will also apply to overthrows to the pitcher when they are trying to “kill” the play as described below.)


10)              If a defensive player within the circle around the pitcher’s mound is in possession of the ball and holds it above her head, all base runners in between bases must either 1) proceed immediately to the next base, if they are over halfway to that base, or 2) return immediately to the previous base, if they are not over halfway to the next base.  Failure to do so will result in the base runner being declared out. 


11)              The offensive side is retired when three (3) outs are made or when 5 runs have scored.  It is the responsibility of the coaches to notify the umpire when the 5 run limit has been reached.


12)              All players on the roster must be assigned a defensive position. Defensive teams are limited to six (6) infield players - pitcher, catcher, first, second, third base and a shortstop.  Infielders must be behind the pitcher’s mound.  Only one pitcher may be used.  All outfield players must be positioned minimally 20 feet beyond the baselines.


13)              A complete game will consist of six (6) innings.  A game will also be complete after sixty (60) minutes of playing time has expired regardless of the number of innings played.  Because our fields do not have lights, it is necessary that all evening games should begin and end on time.  If there is a second game scheduled, the umpire should end the 1st game promptly at the end of 60 minutes, even in the middle of a batting order, and the score reverts back to the end of the previous inning.  The umpire will determine when the game is over.  If tied, the first game will end subject to the above time limit and will be recorded as a tie in the standings.  The second game, if tied, will continue until completed or until the umpire calls the game due to darkness.  For any game, if the inning begins but is not able to be completed, the score at the end of the last full inning will be the official result, even if tied. 


14)              The infield fly rule does not apply.


15)              No protests or forfeits will be allowed.


16)              The player playing the catcher position must wear a catcher’s mask.  All other players in the field, especially the pitcher, are permitted and encouraged to wear a protective face mask,


17)              All players, when not on the field of play, must remain in the dugout, behind the fence, and not in the door opening.  Coaches are responsible for this safety strategy and umpires will enforce by stopping the game, if necessary.  The on-deck batter must position themselves to the back side of the batter.


18)              With the exception of the above-listed rules, all other regulations are in effect according to the American Softball Association (ASA) Official Rule Book.

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